I am a 57-year-old white American male infected with Hepatitis C. I am involved in a controlled medical research study by Roche Pharmaceuticals of an experimental Polymerase Inhibitor (RO5024048 also known as RG7128) drug therapy for the virus. This document is the story of my illness and the experience of treatment. My lovely and pretty damn wonderful wife will be contributing her take on the experience as well.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Less Anger, More Irritation

Today was more placid than the past several days. The book sale was over save for the cleanup. We made more money than we projected we would. Even though not nearly enough people showed up to help with the load out, it still managed to get done without driving any of us to total exhaustion. Close, but not quite all the way there.

The inner dialogue today was primarily one of irritation and disgust instead of rage and fury. That is a big win from my perspective. Even though none of the dialogue ever reaches spoken form to be judged by others hearing it, it still makes me feel better that, were it to slip out, it would not sound quite so insane as it would have this past weekend.

I still set up an appointment with the difficult Dr. K, my primary care guy to sort out the thyroid situation, as it could not hurt to know the score on those meds. He can check assorted plumbing as well so we will all know just how things look from the bottom up.

Still keeping the knives sequestered and the ammo separated from the firearms by stairs, but the trigger finger is much less itchy today…

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